Filius Flitwick (swish_n_flick) wrote,
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Oh my! I’ve been reading what some people post in their journals, and I think this shall be tons of fun! We seem to have some rather nice people participating! And we all get to learn how to use a muggle computer! It’s all just so very fascinating.

I must say, it has been interesting watching the students coming back. Some seem happy. Some don’t. Others look nervous. Why, I’ve already saw Hermione Granger with a book in her hands. She’s a rather bright one. Pity she isn’t in Ravenclaw. She could have done well.

I had to chuckle at the Headmaster’s questions. Those were just spiffy. I love the color blue! Most definitely! Any shade! It is just so nice. It reminds me of a nice, clear summer day.

Ah…it’s just so refreshing to read this journals. I can’t wait to see what other people put.
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