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Oh dear!

It seems that Minerva is doing a smashing job in running Ravenclaw. And I keep noticing that adding and subtracting of points all around. It is rather amusing.

I must say that I do believe I am enjoying this project more than the last. And that is quite the feat, let me tell you! Oh my! It is most excellent!

And although Miss Chang did not get to move Houses, I am very happy that she is still in Ravenclaw. She is doing a very good job in helping the students settle in. And I was very, very pleased when I noticed that Severus had awarded her points.

Oh dear... I just noticed! It's Professor McGonagall and Professor Snape to you students! Don't forget! I must really watch my slip ups... *grins jovially* Well, I'm off! There is much to be done! Much to be done!
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