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Oh dear! Oh my! I seem to have completely forgotten about this thing! I feel just terrible! Terrible! I must simply do my best to update more frequently. It's simply awful that I haven't.

Classes are going quite well. The hubbub seems to have died down. Most people are settling splendidly into their new houses. Though by now one would hope so.

I do so hope that Professor McGonagall is enjoying her vacation. I must say that it was quite unexpected. I can't remember a time that she's ever taken a vacation. I might be wrong though! She could very well have! My memory simply isn't as good as it used to be.

The days are starting to get cooler. I do believe it is time for me to pull out my mittens and scarves! And my little bobble topped head warmers! Oh yes! I do so love the colder seasons!

Not to mention the hot chocolate! Who doesn't love hot chocolate? I think I shall teach my younger students the charm to keep their drinks hot. And my older years... I'll teach them how to charm their hot chocolate to have different flavours like mint or cinnamon.

Oh my! It shall be splendid fun!
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