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*chuckles* Well, I must admit that that was a very inventive question from hogwarts04. I am curious as to how and whether people will answer the question. She seems like a nice enough girl, but I wonder how many people are comfortable posting their sexual orientation where a lot of other people can view it. Even if it is anonymous. I mean, everyone will know eventually who is all participating. It took a lot of guts for hogwarts21 to say what they did. I commend that.

It is rather interesting to watch all the students interact with one another. Some are their normal selves, snipping at everyone or generally picking fights. Although there are a few that seemed more subdued than normal. I worry about them. I wonder if they are all right.

Well, the move to call the Headmaster Dumbly is going on very well. I think that it is being embraced by everyone. Even the students who aren’t participating in this seem to have picked it up. I wonder how they found out?

Well, I have to get ready for my next class. I look forward to seeing all of you.
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