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Socks, Teas, Candies, and other Various Things

Oh my! Everyone seems to be doing so splendidly in Charms! It’s just so refreshing to watch all you young people actually understand what we are doing! If this is any indication as to how the year goes, then mine shall be splendid indeed. I can’t wait until we get to do some more difficult charms with the older students.

I sometimes wish that Fred and George Weasley were back. Yes, I understand that they were trouble makers. But darn if they weren’t great at making up new charms! (Excuse my language.) I certainly enjoyed all their inventive charms that they displayed for us all over the years.

I’ve also been enjoying reading what everyone has to say, although a few people seem to be getting greatly annoyed with one another, or how and what certain people post. This isn’t so great. We all want to remain on friendly terms. And these are, after all, journals. You can really put in them what you like.

I read about Miss Lovegood and Miss Granger’s little tiff over house elf rights. And while I am pleased that Miss Grangers has something she can be passionate about, I’m a little worried at the same time. I understand her beliefs for house elves, but some are happy. The ones at Hogwarts would most likely feel as though they were unwanted and not useful if they were to be set free or paid or given time off. They wouldn’t take it well. You really can’t judge all house elves by a select few.

Visiting the kitchens late at night is always a pleasure. I had the strangest urge to have some lavender mint tea last night. I’ve never had tea like that before. For that matter, I don’t even know if it truly exists, but those little elves got it for me. It was very pleasing. Of course, Dobby was a huge help, and I really must remember to bring him two nice pairs of socks as a thank you.

Oh dear, I should get Dumbly some socks as well. He loves socks. Maybe I’ll get him some nice, thick wool socks. You know, as a general thanks gift. He is just always there when I need him with a smile on his face, a twinkle in his eyes and a tin of lemon drops.

I never have gotten to liking lemon drops all that much. Which is odd considering that I like lemon juice to be squeezed into certain teas that I drink. Oh well.

I’m much prefer Fizzing Whizbees! Well, that’s all. Off to teach lessons now.
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