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More Detentions

Oh my… I saw that Mr. Zabini was caught drinking alcohol. I had heard about young Mr. Zacharias Smith. I wonder what drove them to do something like that? Is something upsetting going on in their lives? Or were they just out for a thrill? Oh dear… I do hope that something like that doesn’t happen again. Alcohol isn’t good for you.

Classes are going well, and I find myself highly intrigued by this rumor going around about Harry Potter and Luna Lovegood dating. I wonder if there is any truth to that…

And I was most disappointed when Miss Chang was given a detention. I have no idea what she was thinking practicing Quidditch after hours. Studies are much more important.

*sigh* It just seems as though everyone is getting detentions. That isn’t a good thing. It means that we, as teachers, will have our hands full. It’s not as if we can ask Mr. Filch to oversee so many detentions. No, no. That would be downright cruel. There are simply too many. I am debating on overseeing all the detentions of my House to give him a small reprieve at least.

Well, I must get to lunch. I thought a quick jot would be good as I didn’t get around to doing so the other day. Do try to stay out of trouble. Cheerio!
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