Filius Flitwick (swish_n_flick) wrote,
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Oh dear!

I've been rather busy and have not had time to check on recent ongoing events in the assignment. Now I have, and I am most disappointed in some of my Ravenclaws. What were the sixth years thinking? Honestly, swearing where everyone could hear them. Not a very good influence on the younger years.

And although I am most displeased that Miss Lovegood was arguing, I am pleased that she did not involve herself in the hex war. I must remember to give her some sympathy chocolates since she still landed in the Infirmary. I'm so absent minded sometimes.... I meant to do that while she was still there.

Classes are going all right. I've still got the occassional day dreamer. Or the person that seems to be looking around to see if they can discover who is involved in this project just by looking.

I think that this weekend I shall kip down to Hogsmeade and buy myself some candies. I think I would like some Fizzing Whizbees and some chocolate. Yes, sounds lovely to me.

I do hope you dears try to remain out of trouble. Have a lovely day.
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