Filius Flitwick (swish_n_flick) wrote,
Filius Flitwick

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I had a lovely day! I am so thrilled that school has started again. I always enjoy teaching and meeting new students. Not to mention seeing old faces. It’s such a relief to see all my Ravenclaws back for another year.

I saw Miss Lovegood today. And although I didn’t get a chance to talk to her, I am very pleased with her grades right now. She has some of the highest grades for her class. The same goes for Miss Chang for her class. They both make me very proud.

Oh, what am I saying? Everyone here makes me so proud. I’m just so pleased with all of their progress. Mr. Crabbe and Mr. Goyle have been progressing nicely. And Mr. Finnigan has come up with some interesting charms, and he hasn’t blown anything else up in a while. That’s always a plus.

Did everyone enjoy their first day back, or would you all still prefer to be doing your own thing?
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